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React 16.7 feature preview – What is new?

React 16.7 ships in December 19, 2018. Let us look into the changelog and see what has been changed.

No new feature ­čÖü

This post is going to be short indeed.

Version 16.7 does not bring us any new features, but rather fixing various bugs and performance boost. One main performance improvement is for React.lazy for large number of lazy components.

Facebook team promised to release Hooks feature along with React 16.7, however, they did not release the API in this version, and now we have no idea when it will be released. If you want to read more about Hooks, I will have another post discussing in details about this feature. For now, the proposal is available at

EDIT: You can read all about Hooks here.

Backwards compatibility

Since this version ships with only bug fixes. There should not be any difficulty in upgrading react version in your project.


Future version prediction

According to this comment, Hooks feature will be released very soon, the proposal has been accepted and the implementation is merged into master. We just need to wait for them to test thoroughly.

Facebook team will likely release Concurrent mode after Hooks feature is out. More details will be revealed at the end of Q1 2019, since the roadmap states that it will be released in Q2 2019.


Tl; dr;

React 16.7 release does not include any breaking changes. Upgrade from 16.6 to 16.7 should not break your projects.

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