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Product review – Light phone

Light phone is a casual, secondary phone that is intentionally designed to be used as little as possible. It encourages you to leave your smartphone behind having limited phone calls and nine speed dials, and just spend the whole time doing the things that you love, free from distraction.

It is simply disconnecting with the world and just centering your focus within yourself and having great quality time with the people or things that you love.

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Tl; dr;

Light phone is a phone away from your phone that enables you to have valuable time without having too much distractions with social media, emails, news, or any advertising promotions. It is designed to be used as little as possible, having only small list of features – intentionally limited phone calls and nine speed dials is just one of those.

The Original Light Phone

light phone 1

Going light with your life is getting off much loads which are too much to carry.

Having limited sets of features, you are keeping your stress and worries away, may it be from social media injected insecurities, news negativities, self-worth doubts, or work pressure.

Cutting off from vulnerabilities and over too connected is one way we, as humans, can get our lives back. We are now putting true meaning with ourselves and not being enslaved with the present day’s advancements.

With Light Phone’s limited feature and smart design:

  • You are putting great value on time than money – in short, cost-efficient.
  • It can work independent of your smart phone.
  • It encourages you to leave behind your smartphone.
  • It’s handy.
  • It’s pocket-friendly (credit card sized).
  • It has seamless call management and call forwarding.
  • It has no access to emails, social media, news, or advertisements, convenience at its LIGHTNESS.
  • It doesn’t receive SMS text messages.
  • It only takes and makes calls (nine speed dials).
  • Keep yourself away from too much scrolling.
  • You can have more ME-TIME than ever before.
  • You get to have more quality time with your loved ones.
  • You can allot more time for the things that you love and wanted to achieve.
  • You get to contemplate with your life’s decisions and reflect on your growth as a person.
  • You get to have more sleep – NO MORE SLEEP DEPRIVATION!
  • You can protect yourself away from radiation and eye damage.
  • More heartfelt conversations and remarkable life events happen when there’s no distractions.
  • You get to nurture deep relationships and value true human connection.

Light phone II

light phone 2

Having the great objective to design beautiful objects that respect and empower comes the Light Phone II.

May it be you’re enjoying a morning stroll, listening to your favourite song, sipping a cup of coffee, or having a your day at the beach, going light has never been this convenient before – enough to forget about your smartphone.

With Light Phone II is even more reliable, durable, and practical than its predecessor. Moreover, you can now have features like:

  • messaging
  • alarm clock
  • bluetooth
  • spraying water proof
  • playlist
  • ride home
  • 4G LTE connection
  • black& white matte E-ink display
  • simple directions to get you on the way


Going light is never been so easy, It’s a dramatic shift away from the things you usually do, like checking emails, scrolling on social media stuff, or just watching Youtube videos.

With the original Light Phone and Light Phone II, there’s more with life to enjoy. You are disconnecting with the world and just focusing with yourself – living simple at its LIGHTNESS.

Designed for limitedness the original Light Phone you get to have things like nine speed dials (it only takes and makes calls), no access to emails, social media, news, or advertisements, no messages, more time with self, do things that you love the most and more time to sleep.

With the Light Phone II, there are extra features added, enough to keep your smartphone away like messaging, alarm clock, ride home, simple directions to get you on the way, 4G LTE connection, and a playlist.

P/S: light is nothing without darkness. Do you know that Blackphone exists?

By Tuan Nguyen

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