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Discussion – Are solar panels good investment?

Countless reports say that making solar panels as a source of energy can save you costs on bills since you’ll use less from your energy supplier. Solar panels are designed to absorb the sun’s rays as source of energy to generate electricity and heating. The concept of solar panels dates back to 1839, when a […]

Discussion – Is there any risks in operating driverless train?

News about driverless train technology isn’t new in the metro at all. From London Underground‘s Victoria line in 1967 to the recently opened Pujiang Line in Shanghai, China in 2018, the autonomous train system has been improving and developing through the years in numerous countries. With its development, issues about safety and regulation has been on […]

Discussion – Does smart home make our life easier?

From mere ideas to science fiction films, gone are the days imagining of what automated or smart living actually is. The technology we seek to experience is now right in front of us through the fulfilment of smart home. Smart home technology is often referred to as house automation or domotics (derived from the Latin […]

Discussion – How exoskeleton suits enhance us?

Performance-enhancing, exoskeletons (wearable powered or unpowered robotic suits) are now being used to rehabilitate injuries, and can now even offer superhuman strength – moving faster, lifting heavier and working longer than any human could impossibly do. In a statement, Dan Kara, veteran robotics industry analyst at ABI Research, cheaper, more capable exoskeletons are on the way: […]

Technology review – What are Exoskeleton suits?

The robotic suit metal framework that mirrors the wearer’s internal skeletal structure, exoskeleton suits (also known as power armours, powered armours, powered suits, exoframes, hardsuits or exosuits), will not just be seen in sci-fi movies but will also appear in real life. They are wearable machines that enhance the abilities of the people who use […]