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Discussion – Programmers salary in Australia

Everyone wants to have a great career and most of all, a better-paying job.

In the future someday, you just get to laugh at what you had gone through on those days when you are broke and had nothing to eat or buy something fancy.

Before you get to that, you need to have a clear mindset with a lot of hard work and perseverance to achieve the five or six-digit salary you want.

With today’s skill-intensive job market, having a practical working knowledge of computers is simply essential–most specifically with computer programming.

This job has experienced a skyrocketing demand, pay and general awareness over the years since the digital boom of the 1990s.

As sourced in PayScale, Australia along with Switzerland, Sweden, and the United States have higher software engineer salaries than other countries.

[Note: For this, values for Australia have been expressed in US dollars.]

australian developer salary

Source: HackerEarth

Another is a survey from a worldwide employment-related search engine for job listings, Indeed, revealed that popular jobs in Australia are Junior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, .NET Developer, Junior Java Developer, and Full Stack Developer. [Updated last August 12, 2019]:

australian developer salary rates 2019

Source: Indeed

Here, you’ll see that the highest paid job is the Full Stack Developer having an average salary of $109,234 per year, followed by .NET Developer with $97,808, Software Engineer for $92,132, Junior Java Developer having $82,151 and lastly, Junior Software Engineer at $69,250.

Tl; dr;

Programmers design, develop, test, maintain and document program code for various user requirements, and system and technical specifications.

Programming is one of the tech jobs having a wider opportunity to those aspirants who want to get a much higher salary.

Having a bigger salary equates to a higher standard of living – enticing right?

Australia is one of the pretty popular countries among developers who love a laid-back lifestyle.

Average salary programmers get in Australia

programmer at work

Source: SEEK

Having a practical and in depth computer knowledge is a great tool for you to be in for an exciting career with programming.

According to Glassdoor, Inc. the national average salary for a programmer is $73,913 in Australia per year based on 53 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor site by programmer employees.

When talking about programming languages, range of salaries offered to programmers depend on the economic well-being of a country.

For Australia, one of the most sought computer languages are cited below:

[Note: Much of the information are cited from Qubit Labs]

Python. Still remaining an in-demand, go-to language when you want to get into Science, Math, and statistics, Python is often used as an alternative to the R programming language in statistics and data science for ease of use and productivity.

python salary

Java. With its continued growing popularity, this language has been used by almost 40% of developers in 2018. It is considered the language of computers and devices. Java is a compiled language, specifically designed to work on any machine or at least any machine with a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed.

java salary

JavaScript. Used by over 60% of programmers worldwide, JavaScript is an interpreted language used to create interactive websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

As a primary front-end language, it is enhanced by the power of various frameworks and libraries, including Angular, Ember, Vue, and React.

javascript salary

Ruby. Comes with a huge variety of additional libraries, this computer language can be used for web applications development small scripting work and automation, and API development. Also, perfect for beginner programmers.

ruby salary

C++. Initially released in 1985, C++ remains the sixth popular language of programming. It still has plenty of developer jobs available due to legacy codebases, other times due to the low level of the language.

Today, C++ can be used where a high-performance code is essential including, real-time safety-critical code or financial industry applications.

C++ salary

C#. A Microsoft-produced .NET language,C# has similar capabilities to Java and Python. This programming language is arguably most useful in cross-platform development, game development, and web services.

C# salary

PHP. Having JavaScript a preferred client-side language of the web, PHP is the flip side, for many the preferred server-side language of the web. It is the leading language of web development.

PHP salary

.NET. Though not a language but a framework, .NET provides programming guidelines that can be used to develop a wide range of applications from web to mobile to Windows-based applications.

.NET salary

Points to Ponder

When choosing programming language(s) to pursue in your career, remember these things:

  • Its usage (i.e. GUI, systems, automation);
  • The prevalence of the language and support; and
  • Whether you enjoy programming with it or not.

Of course, a single programming language may not be enough in your career path. Everyone will need to learn different languages while they’re working.


Regardless of the salary, you should also take into consideration the popularity of the programming language, its usage and support and whether it is your passion/enjoyment to program with it or not.

Though at first your knowledge with it might be a bit little, programming skills and proficiency can improve over time.

By Tuan Nguyen

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