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Technology review – React 16.11

React 16.11 is already here after a month since the release of React 16.10. Let us see what they’ve got.

This version is not even listed in the release list just yet, maybe I’m just early.

Tl; dr;

Not much is happening, there are only 2 updates from the look of it. You can upgrade your code base if you don’t use any of the following experimental features: unstable_createRoot and unstable_createSyncRoot.

Bug fix

A single bug fix is included in React 16.11.

Fix mouseenter handlers from firing twice inside nested React containers.

This could troll developers quite a bit if they encounter this issue. And they will end up writing some hacks to get around it. I am grateful that it is fixed before I even get to experience the headache.

Removal of experimental API in stable build

This does not affect day-to-day development, since unstable_createRoot and unstable_createSyncRoot are just experimental APIs. However, by separating it from the stable build, it helps reducing the size of React 16.11 gzipped by 0.1%.

react size

Source: React github

You can still use these functions in the Experimental channel.

Facebook decided to release a minor version (React 16.11) because of the removal of a feature. Experimental or not, they are an important part of the library, and removing them deserves a big update.


Yet another small blog post. But we’re getting closer and closer to the Concurrent feature, as seen in React Conference 2019.

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