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Becoming a Full-Time Digital Nomad in 7 Simple Steps

If the idea of travelling around the world while earning a full-time living sounds appealing, maybe you should consider becoming a full-time nomad. Remote work is on the rise, but it’s important to do your research before taking the plunge. Today, Marissa is here to offer a step-by-step guide for adopting a digital nomad lifestyle.

1. Support Yourself by Becoming a Freelancer or Business Owner

For many aspiring digital nomads, becoming a freelancer or business owner is a top option. If you go this route, consider forming a limited liability corporation for the built-in benefits. This structure allows you to:

  • Reduce your paperwork burden
  • Pick a location for establishing the LLC
  • Limit your legal liability and get additional flexibility
  • Avoid double taxation and gain other tax benefits

Before you form your LLC, make sure to check your state’s LLC regulations, since they can vary. One option for lessening your burden and avoiding legal fees is to use a formation service to get your LLC set up.

2. Sharpen Those Business Skills

Building and improving your business skills can help you navigate the world of remote work with ease. So, if you want to further your education in the world of business, consider going back to school. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to earn your MBA, you can easily do so at home without having to rearrange your entire schedule.

Many online businesses let you start when it’s more convenient for you, so start by researching the start times offered by different programs. This way, you can easily fit those courses into your day.

3. Explore Different Remote Work Options

One perk of being a digital nomad is the chance to try out different professions. Consider remote work possibilities such as:

  • Freelance writing
  • Translation work
  • Bookkeeping
  • Freelance photography

4. Learn the Basics of Invoicing

According to recent employment data, picking up freelance work has become increasingly popular. However, just doing the work is not enough — it’s also important to get paid! That’s why learning how to invoice is essential. Starting with an invoice maker can be a life saver and help you maintain records, as well. If you’re working in a foreign country and hope to save money, look for a payment method with minimal transaction fees.

5. Find Tech-Friendly Rental Units Quickly

For a remote worker constantly on the move, finding appropriate and affordable rentals quickly is crucial. Secure a rental unit before moving to a new city, and consider renting through sites that offer 24/7 customer support in the event of unexpected complications.

Rentals with fast Wi-Fi connectivity are a must. Make sure your unit also offers access to other technology you may need, as well as proximity to any landmarks, local activities, or historical neighbourhoods you wish to experience.

6. Set Clear-Cut Work-Life Boundaries

One danger of working remotely is letting work bleed into your personal time. To truly enjoy your remote lifestyle, establish clear-cut boundaries by:

  • Setting a strict cut-off hour for stopping work
  • Using a designated office space
  • Scheduling in daily relaxation time
  • Prioritizing work tasks

7. Cut Back on Your Travel Expenses

When travelling often, it’s important to budget carefully. You can make your dollars stretch farther by cutting back on travel expenses. To do this:

  • Use online comparison tools
  • Take advantage of coupons and sales
  • Use points and perks on credit cards


Becoming a full-time digital nomad can allow you to travel the world while working but may require some planning. With these seven steps, you can work remotely while pursuing your passion for travel.

By Marissa Perez

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