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Discussion – Deposit bond

I just learned about something called Deposit bond while reading How to achieve Property Success by Margaret Lomas. It is quite helpful in helping people buying properties more efficiently. Tl; dr; Deposit bond is an insurance policy that purchaser gives to the vendor, instead of the deposit amount. This can be done because of various […]

Discussion – Rental guarantee

Many property advisory companies promotes their properties with rental guarantee benefits. While this sounds reasonable and brings many benefits to the buyer. Let us take a better look at this benefits. Tl; dr; As the old saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  Rental guarantee often indicates that the […]

Book review – Black Swan

Black Swan is a phenomenal book that everyone should read. It discusses about the unexpected, and the impact that it has to our lives. Tl; dr; We should be more aware of unexpected events, as they bear significant consequences comparing to expected events. If we are aware that they can happen, we will tread more […]

Investing – Why do I decide to buy VTS?

VTS is a Vanguard Investment product. It tracks the total US stock market index. You can read more here. This week I bought a small amount of VTS, opening my position in investing in VTS. Tl; dr; VTS is one of the most popular ETFs that Australians invest in. It exposes us as Australia residents […]

Investing – Why did I fail in my first CFD trade?

Following up on the previous post about CFD trading, I ended up losing all the deposits due to no risk management plan in place. As a retrospection, I would like to reflect on what I learned and how to improve my position in the future trades. Tl; dr; Due to the massive fluctuation caused by […]

Investing – New way to CFD trading

Recently I have been told about margin trading, and decided to give it a go. However, instead of buying shares with only my money. I trade with CFD, which comes with greater risk, but higher rewards. Tl; dr; I invest into dividend stocks that pay dividend more than what I need to cover the margin […]

Discussion – My goals for 2020

Setting goals is a good way to start the new year. Here are the outline of what I plan for my life in 2020. Tl; dr; Straighten my finance. Purchase at least 1 more property. Grow emergency fund to 3 months living expense. Write at least 52 blog posts. “Challenge” gather a good deal to […]

Discussion – National Rental Affordability Scheme

National Rental Affordability Scheme, or NRAS, is a government scheme to help low to moderate income people with an opportunity to rent homes at a lower rate. Can investors like us take advantage of that? Let’s find out. Tl; dr; NRAS pays landlords with an incentive that is 20% or above market rent to offset […]

Discussion – First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme has been in the news since the Coalition won the election. Let us take a deep dive and see what it is and how you can benefit from it. Disclaimer: information provided in this blog post does not constitute financial advice, please do it at your own risk. Tl; dr; […]

Discussion – How technology affects housing prices?

Considered to be the largest commodity in the world, real estate has quite a notable exception with an estimated $217 trillion valuation. Technology, with the emergence of the Internet had greatly impact the whole industry benefiting buyers, sellers, and agents. From the good old day’s basic cold calls, print ads, emails, open house visit, etc., […]