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Product review – Blackphone

In today’s endless stream of hacks and data breaches, setting up a strong security device is a must. For your safety, Blackphone might be the best for you. Private by design, Blackphone is a smartphone made by Silent Circle, a secure communications company offering software applications, mobile devices, and communication management services to enterprise. Its […]

Product review – What happened to Google Glass?

Just by using audio, visual, and location-based inputs, Google Glass was expected to drive human technological advancement. Released in 2013 by its developer Google X (now X), it was a wearable, voice-controlled Android device resembling a pair of eyeglasses and displaying information directly in the user’s field of vision. Its operating system is based on […]

Product setup – Google Hangouts Extension

 lot of Hangouts is a free communication platform developed by Google. Here, you can make calls, do messaging and carry out video conferences. Also, the app is an all-out tool to connect superiors and employees; business partners; and loved ones. Almost 5 years ago, Google has introduced a new Chrome App for Hangouts. The app, […]

Product review – Light phone

Light phone is a casual, secondary phone that is intentionally designed to be used as little as possible. It encourages you to leave your smartphone behind having limited phone calls and nine speed dials, and just spend the whole time doing the things that you love, free from distraction. It is simply disconnecting with the […]