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Software Development Methodology – Crystal

Crystal or also known as Crystal Methods are a family of methodologies (the Crystal family) developed by Alistair Cockburn from his study and interviews of teams in 1998. The word Crystal comes from a gemstone, where in software terms, the faces (representing the techniques, tools, standards and roles) are a different view on the “underlying […]

Software Development Methodology – Feature Driven Development (FDD)

Client-centric, architecture-centric, and pragmatic, Feature Driven Development (FDD) is an agile framework that primarily focus on the feature set that the client values, and is known for short iterations and frequent releases. FDD was first introduced in 1999 in the book Java Modeling In Color with UML while its first real-world application was on a 15 month, […]

Software Development Methodology – Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

DSDM, or also known as Dynamic Systems Development Method is an agile project delivery framework, addressing the full project lifecycle and its impact on the business, including the guidance needed to bring a product through the entire project, and even the releases. The method has a four-phase framework, namely: Feasibility and business study; Functional model […]

Software Development Methodology – Lean

The concept of reducing waste and adding customer defined value to products and services, Lean development seeks to make small, incremental changes in process to improve speed, efficiency, and quality. Founded in two pillars namely respect for people and continuous, Lean is described as a mindset and not a set of tools in Japan. According […]

Software Development Methodology – Kanban

A popular workflow management method, Kanban (roughly translated as “card you can see”) is an Agile framework designed to manage the creation of products, highlighting continual delivery without overburdening the development team. It helps the team to harness the power of visual information by using sticky notes on a whiteboard to create a “picture” of […]

Software Development Methodology – Scrum

An agile way to manage a project usually software development, Scrum is a framework that allows member to focus on delivering business value in the shortest time. It has been used for a variety of work, but has initially been most popular for delivering software based products. Here, instead of providing complete, detailed descriptions of […]

Software Development Methodology – Extreme Programming

A software development methodology, Extreme Programming (XP) is one of the most important software development framework of Agile models designed to improve the quality of software and its ability to be responsive to client/customer requirements.It has already been proven to be very successful in IT companies and other industries, worldwide. Extreme Programming’s development goes all […]