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Innovative Data Visualization to Enhance Your Small Business Presentations

Data visualization is an expanding suite of concepts and tools to enhance business presentations and communications. Part science, technology, and art all rolled into one, effective data visualizations increase your presentation’s impact and influence. Visuals typically evoke a more powerful, emotional audience response compared to numbers in spreadsheets or text. People naturally react to engaging […]

Discussion – How technology affects housing prices?

Considered to be the largest commodity in the world, real estate has quite a notable exception with an estimated $217 trillion valuation. Technology, with the emergence of the Internet had greatly impact the whole industry benefiting buyers, sellers, and agents. From the good old day’s basic cold calls, print ads, emails, open house visit, etc., […]

Technology review – React 16.11

React 16.11 is already here after a month since the release of React 16.10. Let us see what they’ve got. This version is not even listed in the release list just yet, maybe I’m just early. Tl; dr; Not much is happening, there are only 2 updates from the look of it. You can upgrade […]

Technology review – React 16.10

Minor upgrade of React has come with version 16.10. Let us see what they did comparing to the previous upgrade. Tl; dr; React 16.10 comes with a bunch of bug fixes with no new feature added in. Everything is backward compatible so you can upgrade your code base to React 16.10 with ease. Bug fixes […]

Technology review – 32-bit vs 64-bit OS

An operating system, also known as “OS”, keeps everything together, managing all the hardware and software on your computer. It communicates with your device’s hardware: from your keyboard, mouse, storage devices, display, and Wi-Fi radio. Plus, OS also has a lot of software like common system services, libraries, and application programming interfaces (APIs). You can directly […]

Discussion – Can software damage hardware?

As the present day’s cyber technology innovation is improving, the threat landscape widens as well. Cyber criminals are constantly finding ingenious ways to tunnel into businesses, schools, government offices, computer users, and IT systems, disrupting services and daily operations. Several years ago, hackers and malware have shut down nuclear centrifuges in Iran and severely damaged […]

Discussion – Google Spreadsheet vs Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are invaluable tools in creating budgets, producing graphs and charts and for storing and sorting data. They can vary in complexity and can be used for various reasons. May it be business data storage, accounting and calculation, budgeting and spending, assisting with data exports, and data sifting and cleanup, and accomplishing business administrative task. […]

Technology review – 3D Optical Data Storage

Optical data storage as what Britannica would define it is an “electronic storage medium that uses low-power laser beams to record and retrieve digital (binary) data.” With optical storage technology, it uses lasers to write to, and read from, small discs that contain a light-sensitive layer upon which data can be stored. Source: 123SEMINARSONLY Optical storage […]

Technology review – Femto computing

Now that nanotechnology is well-established, well-applied, and well-funded.In the near future, there will come a time that we will come across femtotechnology. As what Wikipedia would state: Femtotechnology is a “hypothetical term used in reference to structuring of matter on the scale of a femtometer, which is 10^−15m. This is a smaller scale in comparison […]

Technology review – New Google Quantum Computer

Over the years, the wonders of quantum computers have stirred the curiosity and imagination of the gifted minds in the tech community. Since then, countless prototypes of these supercomputers have surfaced in the tech market with the hopes of a brighter, progressive, and fast-engaging future. Last week, a draft research paper revealed that Google have […]