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Technology review – Japanese AI monk

A £700,000 (Y100 million) robot is now delivering religious teachings in multiple languages at the 400-year-old Japanese Kodaiji temple in Kyoto. The android, dubbed Kannon, is based on the Buddhist deity of mercy. It stands at 77 inches (1.95 metres) tall and weighs 132lbs (59 kilograms). The AI monk’s human colleagues predict that with artificial […]

Discussion – Is there any risks in operating driverless train?

News about driverless train technology isn’t new in the metro at all. From London Underground‘s Victoria line in 1967 to the recently opened Pujiang Line in Shanghai, China in 2018, the autonomous train system has been improving and developing through the years in numerous countries. With its development, issues about safety and regulation has been on […]

Discussion – Does smart home make our life easier?

From mere ideas to science fiction films, gone are the days imagining of what automated or smart living actually is. The technology we seek to experience is now right in front of us through the fulfilment of smart home. Smart home technology is often referred to as house automation or domotics (derived from the Latin […]

Technology review – What is Internet of Everything?

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a broad term integrating people, process, data and things into networked connections. In contrast with Internet of Things (IoT) that defines communication with physical objects, IoE lies in the intelligent connection includes all concepts (i.e. people, process, data, and things) together to a more unified system. Thus, the Internet […]

Technology review – What is Internet of Things?

Internet connectivity goes beyond the usual. Put the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet and / or to each other in that sense. From your washing machines, lamps, cellphones, coffeemakers, wearable devices, and anything you can think of, forming a “smart home”. This also applies to components […]

Software review: What is Katalon?

One of my friends was looking for an end-to-end testing framework to integrate with his stack, and suggested that Katalon was something that he had been considering. Let us take a quick look into it and deduce some of its advantages as well as disadvantages.   Tl; dr; Katalon will not be my first choice […]

Write automated script with Tampermonkey and Webpack

Recently I was pulled into an old web-based game called Ghost Trapper. The gist of it is, after a period of time, I can click on a button to trap a ghost, then a count down appears and I have to wait for the count down to stop until I can hunt ghosts again. Then […]