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New normal – are we fked? – Part 3

Last 2 blogs are about my observations, and this one will be about my assumptions and actions to deal with this “new normal” Tl; dr; Assumptions The pandemic is here to stay, maybe downgrade to a seasonal flu. People will be working remotely more. There will be financial/economic consequences after we get out of the […]

New normal – are we fked? – Part 2

Let’s talk about what I see in other people when we are all put into an unexpected situation. Tl; dr; Most people I know have negative thoughts about the future. They all have different ways to deal with the pandemic. Some withdraw into their self-built containers where they just wait for the storm to pass. […]

New normal – are we fked? – Part 1

Just my thoughts on the “new normal” that has been talked about in both social media as well as government official announcements. What I observed other people’s behaviour after a year and a half under COVID-19 influence, and how did I respond to the same circumstance. Tl; dr; I think we are heading towards a […]

A cocktail in your hand, and on your wrist

Imagine you’re in a bar, you walk to the bartender and say “Get me something that looks like my watch.” The bartender looks at your wrist, and say, “A mockingbird, sir?” You laugh. He laughs. Seiko laughs. Tl; dr; I bought a Seiko Presage watch for my birthday. It is the most valuable watch in […]

Discussion – My goals for 2020

Setting goals is a good way to start the new year. Here are the outline of what I plan for my life in 2020. Tl; dr; Straighten my finance. Purchase at least 1 more property. Grow emergency fund to 3 months living expense. Write at least 52 blog posts. “Challenge” gather a good deal to […]

Retrospective – What I achieved in 10 years?

10 years seems to be a long time, however to me, it sometimes happens so fast. Let’s look back and see what I have achieved in the last 10 years, and what I plan for the next decade. Tl; dr; What did I do? Arrived in Australia. Finished Bachelor degree. Bought a house, and some […]

Unit review – Make decisions in a legal context

Another course that I completed in Cert IV: Accounting and Bookkeeping is Make decisions in a legal context. Tl; dr; The unit concerns about legality of a business. It teaches me about business structures, different kind of laws that apply to business such as employment law, property law, consumer law, etc. It helps me for […]

Technology review – Open Source Licenses

Open-source licenses are licenses that allow software to be freely used, modified, and shared under defined terms and conditions. These licenses allow users or organizations to adjust the program’s functionality to perform for their specific needs. Though this term originated in the context of software development to designate a specific approach in creating computer programs, […]

Unit Review – Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the units that I took when going through the course of Certificate IV: Accounting and Bookkeeping in RMIT University. I decided to note down what I learned and how I feel about each units. I took this course for free. If you are interested, you can read about how I registered […]

Technology review – Web 3.0

The product of the same visionaries who have helped drive cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Web 3.0 is considered to be an evolution of user interaction with web technologies. From Web 1.0’s “read-only web” (simply walls and walls of text information) to Web 2.0’s “read-write web” (allowing user interaction with dynamic websites),” Web 3.0, sometimes called the “semantic […]