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Discussion – How do you ask for a pay raise?

It’s been a year since you land on your current job. Finally you’ve reached your career milestone with even more workloads to do. But after all this time, you still haven’t got a raise… Its nerve-wrecking, but some people wait for months and even years just to get the raise they deserve. Though your manager […]

Microservices – when NOT to use?

For the last few years, Microservices has become a hot topic and many business are making their choice of moving into this software architecture. Microservices is a major architectural pattern in the software industry. This architectural model can optimize your team’s speed by adjusting how they design and ship code. That’s why, developers and business […]

Fullstack developers – what do we do?

A full stack developer is not just any ordinary job title that is ordinary its complex than you think. Meaning the position is not only referring to someone who can do both “frontend” and “backend” development but someone who has the capability in handling the complete implementation of a website, from project management to installing […]

Microservices – what are they?

Microservices is one of the buzz-word in the technology world these days. Every big name likes to say it, lots of salespeople speak of it. This post will discuss about what is a microservice, and how does it change the way we design the software architecture. Tl; dr; A big monolithic application can be split […]

frontend vs backend vs fullstack developers

Computer science students often get asked, what will you become after graduation. To those who commit to the life of programmer, there are a lot of different paths that you can take. Today we will discuss about the buzz words that everyone knows about: Frontend developers, Backend developers and Fullstack developers. Why do we need […]