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Technology review – React 16.11

React 16.11 is already here after a month since the release of React 16.10. Let us see what they’ve got. This version is not even listed in the release list just yet, maybe I’m just early. Tl; dr; Not much is happening, there are only 2 updates from the look of it. You can upgrade […]

Technology review – React 16.10

Minor upgrade of React has come with version 16.10. Let us see what they did comparing to the previous upgrade. Tl; dr; React 16.10 comes with a bunch of bug fixes with no new feature added in. Everything is backward compatible so you can upgrade your code base to React 16.10 with ease. Bug fixes […]

Technology review – React 16.9

React 16.9 landed in August 08 2019. Bringing with it numerous bug fixes, as well as some new features, including  <React.Profiler> , and a testing utility act() Tl; dr; React 16.9 does NOT contain any breaking changes, so we can upgrade from 16.8 safely. It contains a programmatic profiler so developers can measure the performance of […]

React 16.8 – Captain Hook is here

React 16.8 was shipped on Feb 06, 2019, bringing with it the Hook feature that everyone was waiting for. It was a version behind schedule, as React 16.7 was going to be the one. Ok maybe not that Hook!!! After over 6 months from its introduction in React Conf 2018, Facebook development team finally released […]

React 16.7 feature preview – What is new?

React 16.7 ships in December 19, 2018. Let us look into the changelog and see what has been changed. No new feature 🙁 This post is going to be short indeed. Version 16.7 does not bring us any new features, but rather fixing various bugs and performance boost. One main performance improvement is for React.lazy […]

React 16.6 new features: contextType, lazy, memo

In Oct 24, 2018, React 16.6.0 was published to npm. It brings a lot of exciting new features, including contextType, React.lazy() and React.memo(). We will discuss in depths of what they are and how will they change your React ecosystem. In this blog post, I am going to assume that you already have certain experience […]